Springtime 2017 these six musicians joined up and started building a repertoire and a sound. While steadily, stormily and hungrily producing their own songs, they can’t help themselves taking up bluegrass tunes they love. A close listener will uncover their different backgrounds (Irish folk, rockabilly, bluegrass, lifegrass, ...) shimmering through in their music.

Now they are ready; are you?

I want to read the whole story


Tess, vocals & vibes

Wiebke, fiddle & vocals

Tinus, banjo

Lars, double bass & vocals

Piet, guitar & vocals

Sam, mandolin & vocals


Vocals & Vibes


5-string banjo


Guitar & Vocals


Fiddle & Vocals


Bass & Vocals


Mandolin & Vocals

What Nancy wants, occurs

And how...

She spent years of digging down deep, barehandedly burrowing in the most northern Belgian bluegrass soil and after almost sweating her balls off, she bumped into an eager mole, with a bass. Upright and forward ‘cause this smooth tenor dwelt next to an untamed banjo mastering turnip - how lucky can one turnip be. They followed Nancy into the light where she encountered all love ánd between the wild roses, a fiddle workin’ soprano who made the sky weep. But this rain was sweet. So sweet that a little red radish suddenly flourished, even stood up, raised her voice and sugared the crew: “Y’all go home to Nancy’s, take a long hot bath. I will handle the rest.”


And so it happened. The radish took the train and then another - even one time a bus - till she personally picked out and uprooted a six stringed rock’n’ rollin’ chestnut. Almost a circle still ain’t a circle so they went the extra mile and found a hoarse voiced mandolin player, raw and ready.

Back home they began to play...

Masks off, mingling musical and other roots, kickin’ up heels, learning and unlearing, fumble and flame. This brand new band, “Negative Nancy and The Moodswings”, presents their own story in original songs, traditionals and covers.

Are you ready for a soaked in sense, bluegrass-fueled, pure (we leave perfection to the gods and other imaginary friends) and vivid acoustic experience? Come and see us at one of our shows or even better: book us for your event!



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Negative Nancy

& The Moodswings